Roasted Fennel

Roasted Fennel

Something Different…. We love shaved fennel salad, but tonight we wanted to try something warm to heat up the cold night. » Continue Reading…

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

In an attempt to be somewhat more healthful, Frank found this recipe on Serious Eats that we both really recommend. It has all the benefits of comfort food: warm, cheesy, melty, creamy… yum


Antipasta from the Arthur Ave Retail Market - Mikes Deli

Our Fall fun field trip to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. This is the REAL “little Italy”!

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Here’s a set of recipes that our friend Quynh sent in from forever ago. We’ve made the root vegetables and can attest, this is the way to spend the winter.

I made this for a dinner party last night for my vegetarian friends. It was a success and the dishes were so easy to make.

Brussel sprouts
Roasted root vegetables (I used beets, rutabegas, potatoes, and
sweet potatoes) (Editor’s note: we tend to use carrots, turnips, beets and cauliflower.)

Wild mushroom gnocchi (lot creamier than in the mag photo):

Hello All,

We’ve been working on a lot of new projects lately and have lapsed in our food blog ways. However, we’re back from the holidays and ready to get back into it.

While we’ll be paying attention to this blog again, we’re changing the format slightly, to focus on quick entries, rather than long posts. (It’ll just be easier for us to maintain).

So stop by later in the week for some new posts and apologies for being away for so long.

New Year, New Approach

Having had a great time in Lexington, KY, we moved on to our next stop – Nashville, Tennessee. The city, which suffered from awful flooding earlier in the year, did have some residual damage leftover – parts of the Opryland were closed for repairs – but otherwise it was as busy as expected during the middle of the weekend.
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by Greg Singer

(disclaimer: the following images, though mouthwatering, might be upsetting to vegetarians due to sheer meatiness)

It is rare that I encounter a cut of meat that i have not seen before, but just that thing happened a few weeks ago.   At fairway shopping for bargain protein,  I came across veal breast.  I called my partner Sarah over since she had worked briefly on a farm and has experience preparing animals for slaughter.  She had never heard of it either, but it was so cheap at $1.50 per pound that we decided to buy it and google it when we got home.  Veal Breast is similar to the Brisket of a full-grown cow, but it includes the large rib bones and a lot of connective tissue.   One side is covered by about three quarters of an inch of dense fat which, when browned, renders into a flavorful crust and drowns the roast in robust salty flavor.  And most enticingly, it is remarkably cheap!

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Bourbon on the Porch at The Woodford Reserve Distillery

Our next stop was in Versailles, Kentucky where we visited the Woodford Reserve distillery, part of Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. The experience itself was somewhat of a mixed bag – the Bourbon Trail and the Woodford Reserve tour are obviously marketing exercises, which is not unexpected, so the tour itself came off as overly corporate at times. On the other hand, I can’t believe they let you so close to the distilling process.
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So we recently took a fun road trip from Brooklyn, NY to Huntsville, AL for our good friends’ Alec and Lanie’s wedding. On the way, of course, we made a bunch of stops to eat and we thought we’d share some of our stops with you.

Stop #1 – Lexington, KY

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Bad For You = Tastes Good

For a while we’ve been thinking about making some fancy mac & cheese for dinner. We’re not talking Annie’s natural with some deli cheese thrown in – we’re talking about the thick and creamy type of mac & cheese you can find at Smoke Joint or Dumont Burger. So when Cheryl found “assorted deli cheese ends” for dirt cheap in the Fairway cheese section we knew exactly what to do with it.
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